Do you want to see how Jazz training is?

The class begins with a 15-minute warm-up, and we will continue introducing a 15-minute corporal isolations applied to JAZZ DANCE. These exercises are essentials in order to help the dancer to identify better the articulation possibilities that each body has. Followed by this, we will work (for 20 minutes approx.), technical diagonals applying different types of jazz style, and finally we will end up with a choreography.

Great importance is given to the quality of movement and the reality and emotion used in the performance of choreographies. An exhaustive feedback is provided to each student for their development as dancer.

How are my "Beginners" Jazz classes?

"I,m a man" (Adv.)

"New Rules" (Inter./Adv.)

"I Do What I Love" (Inter.)

"Fall" (Beg./Inter.)

"Your Song (Inter./Adv.)