He was born in Tarragona (Spain). Juanjo Hinojosa began his dance training as a Ballroom dancer with Spanish, Italian and belgium teachers. He reaches the top level of both modalities (Standard and Latin) and he got several times the final and semifinal of Spain Championship. He also was representing Spain in several  international opens around Europe.

After this period he was formed as a contemporary and jazz dancer in London, Spain and Germany. Makes some collaborations as a dancer in TV, Cinema, Musicals, Operas and several dance companies.

As a choreographer he works for “TUI Cruises” Berlin with “Romance&Dance” , “Deutsch Rock show”, “Zeitreise”, MERCEDES Museum Stuttgart, ASUS Taiwan, LOREAL Spain, CRUZ ROJA Spain, BOUNCE TPA Angola, NIVEA (Germany), DECATHLON (Germany) and choreographed the video music “Amor Robotico” for Coreon Du in “Shock Entertainment” in Miami.
As a dance teacher he gives regular classes and International dance workshops in Hamburg, Erfurt, Munich, Frankfurt, Esslingen, Köln, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart (Germany), London (UK), Madrid, Barcelona, Menorca, Tarragona (Spain), Bolzano, Milan (Italy), Luzern, Basel,Bern, Zurich (Switzerland), Kitsbühel, Linz (Austria) and Luanda (Angola).


Munich (Germany): 20-21 January 2018
Milan (Italy): 27-28 January 2018
Basel (Switzerland): 14 February 2018
Ludwigsburg (Germany): 24 February 2018
Berlin (Germany): 17-18 March 2018
Frankfurt (Germany): 5-6 May 2018
Basel (Switzerland): 2 June 2018
     Dusseldorf (Germany): 9-10 June 2018
     Kiel (Germany): 16-17 June 2018
     Ostfildern (Germany): 23-24 June 2018
     Linz (Austria): 14-15 July 2018
     Munich (Germany): 21-22 July 2018
     Bolzano (Italy): 23-28 July 2018
     Regensburg (Germany): 10 August 2018
     Stuttgart (Germany): 15 September 2018
     Frankfurt (Germany): 22 September 2018
     Frankfurt (Germany): 13,14 October 2018
     Ostfildern (Germany): 20,21 October 2018
     Nuremberg (Germany): 24,25 November 2018
     Bern (Switzerland): 18 May 2019
     Zürich (Switzerland): 7,8 December 2019