In my salsa classes I work the Salsa on 1 style.
Depending on the needs of the students, it can be a salsa class where only the style, technique and free steps exercises (footwork) are worked on. On the other hand, in a class with couples, we would also work on different combos in pairs, and, of course, there is a focus on the technique of Contact.

Latino Workshops (Beginners)

The class begins with a light body warm-up where different parts of the body are exercised.
We will study hip and arm technique.
We will also work on the Afro-Cuban style, musicality and improvisation.
If the class is in couples, contact technique is studied through different exercises.
We will end the class with a footwork combo or a salsa combo in couples.

Footwork (Inter./ Adv.)

Footwork (Inter./Adv.)

Footwork (Beg./Inter.)

Footwork / Couples (Inter.)