What is "Bailate" online school?

The Bailate school was born in Stuttgart (Germany) with the idea of promoting Jazz dance especially “Latin Jazz Dance” in the Baden-Württemberg area.

Due to my return to Madrid (Spain) the need arises to continue offering and promoting Jazz dance through classes via Online (Zoom), besides offers me the opportunity to open my field of coverage to other countries and continents.

What we offer?

We offer  different styles of Jazz classes (Latin Jazz, Theater Jazz, Lyrical Jazz) and additional classes of physical and technical conditioning.

You will have uninterrupted access for a month of the classes held that month in streaming so that you can repeat them whenever you want.
With the membership you will also have access to extra content, such as interviews, short 5-minute classes, optional challenges with prizes … etc …

How it works?

Too easy! You just have to write me by filling in this form and make the payment for the class through the “Paypal” link that we provide, we will then contact you to confirm receipt of the payment.

The “Bailate” online school has a group of watsapp where the links of the classes and also the songs that will be used in the choreography are reported a few days in advance so that musically when you learn the choreography will be familiar to you.
If you do not want to be in this watsapp group, you can report all this information through your contact email.

-The reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the class.

-Due to the high number of different nationalities of students the class will be held in English.


No regular classes scheduled

If you are interested in online classes, do not hesitate to write me. I will keep you informed of the new online classes.